The Illuminati

By Dark Bishop

(Moth-er fucker Part 2)

I hate to admit it now, but after meeting Clara, I spent a good while flying around aimlessly. At first, I couldn’t get over the fact that such a pretty bug existed. Talk about moths getting the short end of the stick with Mother Nature’s spreading of beauty. But then, I felt excited about the prospect of a place where other lovely beings like her existed. Finally, it dawned on me that I still didn’t have a clue on how to find said location and that I was wasting my time fantasizing about bugs with sexy lights. I had fucked up. I should’ve made Clara tell me the way to Lake Stink! After all, I was easily four to five times her size. I was mumbling curses to myself, when I spotted two shiny dots on a large stump.

‘Please, oh please! Let those be fireflies as well,’ I thought.

But something was amiss. Unlike Clara, these things seemed to be flickering on and off, as if they were desperately trying to accomplish something. And, for some reason, their light was not nearly as alluring to me. I decided to approach them with the utmost care. They could’ve been the eyes of a lizard, and those reptilian fuckers had spelled doom for several members of my family in the past. As I drew nearby, I started to hear voices coming from their location.

‘Say Flick! It looks like she ain’t coming to us, after all.’

‘Oho, Glick! I feel you’re right! Such cruelty, such contempt for our feelings!’

‘We are delicate beings. She is so mean, Flick!’

‘Oh Glick, I know it. I really do. My heart… it’s losing its glow.’

‘What? Yours too, Flick?’

‘It sure is! But even worse, Prince Lucius will be glowing red if we don’t bring Clara back’.

So, they were fireflies after all! Male fireflies. Based on their ridiculous exchange, one could say they were also a pair of morons. Prince Lucius? Does that mean Clara was like, a princess running away? Come to think of it, her name did have a ring of nobility. No wonder she was so haughty and-

‘What the hell are you two dimly-lit brains doing?’ buzzed a terrifying third voice behind me.

‘Sparkling crap, Flick! It’s that awful cap’n!’

‘I hear him Glick! Such a buzz kill! Interrupting our mating signals like that!’

‘I told you dull fucks that Clara is not looking to mate right now! She is fleeing! You’re so in the dark that you haven’t even realized you’re being watched over here!’ he suddenly turned his gaze towards me.

‘That may be so sir, but Glick said his light was better than mine and so-‘

“Face it, Flick! I’m way more beaming and-‘

‘O-okay you guys, listen!’ I interrupted, since I had been discovered. ‘I am just on my way to Lake Stink, so if you were so kind as to-‘

‘Shut the fuck up all of you!’ the third firefly yelled. ‘You two shiny show-offs come with me. As for you black wings, have those ugly eyes of yours happen to see another firefly blazing past here? Answer me!’ he demanded.

‘Well, yeah as a matter-‘

‘Great! Off we go! I knew her scent was around this area.’

‘Yo boss, but she flies too damn fast!’

‘Yeah, like speed of light fast! At this rate, we won’t ever catch her!’

‘Flick! Wait! Maybe this big ass dude could give us a ride!’

‘What a bright idea Glick! He is so dark, so stealthy!’

To my dismay, their apparent boss seemed to be considering that suggestion.

‘Oh hell no. I just wanna go to Lake Stink. I don’t want any trouble!’ I told them.

‘Listen son,’ the serious firefly said, more calmly this time, ‘you seem like you are kind of lost here. Tell you what; if you help us, we’ll take you straight to Lake Stink, after we’re done capturing our target.’

I thought about it. I liked Clara more than I was ready to admit, and I was not too keen on letting these dirt bags capture her. The clever firefly in charge seemed to realize this, however, because he added another reason for me to join their efforts.

‘Look, you may even win favor with Prince Lucius! He’ll make sure you are welcomed in our shining sanctuary. Plenty more fireflies in there for you, I promise!’ he said.

I then remembered Clara had called me ugly and stupid. From this fact, I deduced that my chances with her were probably not looking too good anyway.

‘All right, I’m in! Tell me which way to go and hop on!’ I said.

‘You won’t regret it. My name is Klick, and as you may know by now, these half-assed lights under my command are Flick and Glick.’

‘Cap’n Klick is such a dick, Flick.’

‘Too much of a prick, Glick!’

‘Okay whatever. My name is Bhla. Let’s go, before y’all drive me insane.’

I felt weird at first, but soon enough I discovered that I could easily carry these guys on my back while flapping my wings. They were quite light, actually. For a second there, I almost asked them to start shining so I could look badass, like those huge metal things we saw in the sky sometimes. But then, I remembered I wasn’t five days old anymore, and focused on the mission again. I kept flying for what felt like several minutes, until I had to break the silence.

‘Do you really know where she’s gone?’ I asked.

‘Of course, we can detect her pheromones. Go around that tree and then under the fallen trunk. There is a small cave, she may be hiding in there,’ said Klick.

‘So… why is this Prince Lucius dude after her, again?’ I still felt guilty about the whole situation. ‘Does he want to force Clara into marrying him, or some bullshit like that?’

‘I know why Flick wants her tho,’ said one of the dumb fireflies.

‘Shut up, it’s you who wants her Glick! Too bad she’d never give you the green light!’

‘You ain’t no knight in shining armor either, Flick!’

‘Quiet you idiots! Clara will hear you!’ Captain Klick snapped.

He was right I suppose. We were already inside the small cave under the fallen trunk, and the atmosphere was musty, quiet and eerie.

‘She is here! I’m sure of it,’ confirmed Klick.

I slowly flew around, feeling uneasy. Small places like this cave were usually excellent hiding spots for enemies. Suddenly, a beautiful flash of light came from a wall near the ceiling.

‘There she is boss!!’

‘I saw her first, Flick!!’

I felt all three of my companions fly away from my body at once. Why the hell did she give away her location like that? Had she given up already?

‘Hey Clara! Watch out!’ I yelled, but didn’t hear her reply. Instead, a ruckus of buzzes echoed in front of me.

‘Glick you shady fuck, let me go! I’ll catch her first!’

‘I’m stuck here too, Flick! It ain’t me I promise!’

‘Yo, stealthy Bhla guy! Help us!’

I wanted to do something, but it was too dark to see what was happening. Then, a blinding gleam appeared in front of my eyes, and I felt something small push past me.

‘Why am I not surprised that someone so dark was also wicked?’ Clara said.

‘W-wait! Clara I can explain! I didn’t know where Lake Stink was and you…’

‘Kiss my bright ass, black heart!’ she yelled, as she flew away from me.

She was escaping! I felt like shit, but at the same time, I was glad she had outsmarted these guys. She was almost at the cave’s exit, when I saw her beaming silhouette being pushed abruptly towards a wall, as she cried out in pain and surprise.

‘You crafty little bitch! That was a brilliant plan indeed!’ Klick had pinned her against the cave’s wall.

‘But only dimwits would fall for such an obvious trap! Did you think I wouldn’t spot that spider web? I’m too bright for you, sadly. Now, you’ll have to explain yourself before Prince Lucius!’

‘It was never my fault! I don’t even want to be a part of the stupid Radiant Society! I just want to find a dark place to live in peace!’ Clara said with an anguished voice.

‘Hey Bhla, make your shine-less ass useful now! You can easily tear apart that spider web with your size. Free the other two and we’ll take you to Lake Stink, just as promised!’ Klick yelled at me.

My heart was racing; I just couldn’t bear to watch Clara almost sobbing like that.

‘Not so fast! It really seems like Clara has a good reason to stay away from that place after all. What’s the deal with Prince Lucius? I need to know she’ll be okay.’

‘You moron! There are plenty more like her in Lake Stink! She may bedazzle you now, but she’s nothing but a tiny spark before our glorious Radiant Society! I will even take you to the red light district! Now quit being a sissy and let’s go!’ Klick wasn’t playing games.

I had no choice; I knew I had to save Clara. I darted towards them, but that’s when I saw the huge lizard just a few inches above their heads.

‘Oh, fuck that!’ I screamed.

My sudden freakout surprised both Klick and Clara, but she was faster to react and escaped his grasp. Klick was not too far behind; however, and managed to cling to her back. This slowed her down, as the lizard climbed down the wall at a frightening speed.

‘Let her go, asshole!’ I said as my right wing hit him square on his face. He was pushed back, and the lizard had him in a split second.

‘You moth-er fu-ck!’ those were his short, yet enlightening, last words.

Clara kept flying forward desperately, still fleeing from the lizard, but I held her tight under my left wing. The lizard seemed to be content by catching just one shiny bug, and it disappeared inside a crack of the cave’s wall.

‘Calm down Clara, I got you! I will help you I promise! He’s gone now!’ I said.

She slowly stopped struggling but still seemed mad at me.

‘How could you help these idiots! I-I thought…’ she said.

‘Well, you weren’t exactly nice to me earlier, were you, princess? You called me ugly as fuck, remember? But I have to admit, I was being a selfish bastard.’

‘Don’t you ever call me princess again! All my life I’ve been harassed for something that isn’t my fault! It was stupid mother’s idea! I always hated the Radiant Society!’ she was actually crying now, but I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

‘Look Clara it’s okay. I will help you go somewhere else. I know a place where-’

‘Big ass dude!! Help!! Your brother Flick needs you!’

‘Nah, big bro!! Glick here needs your assistance more!’

I had forgotten about the other two nuisances! Clara pretended not to hear them.

‘Okay. I will go with you. Just take me away from here!’ she said.

‘Hold up Clara! You can’t escape without our help, can she Flick?’

‘You got that right, Glick! She has no chance! But we will help!’

‘Just ignore them… we’ll be just fine, now that Klick is gone,’ Clara said to me.

‘Ohoho, Glick! Captain Klick is dead isn’t he?’

‘He sure is Flick! One of them at least!’

I flew towards them, annoyed.

‘What do you mean one of them? Are there more than one?’

‘Hundreds of them Klicks! Don’t you know anything about insects?’ said Flick.

‘More like thousands! Prince Lucius is burning to get Clara! I know the Illuminati are fearsome, but the Prince would never send just one squad of us to capture her,’ added Glick.

‘Do you fools really call yourselves the Illuminati?’ I was amused.

But Clara wasn’t humored. She seemed to be appalled by Glick’s words. Whatever she’d done, it was clear Prince Lucius would not rest until he had her back.

 ‘Big bro Bhla and sister Clara, you need us! We can help you avoid other Illuminati if we cross their path. Glick and I know the Pass Signal!’

‘Okay, I guess we have no choice then!’ I said, ‘but you better not try any tricks! And if you scum so much as touch Clara, I’ll smack your sparky asses to the ground where a frog or something else will surely eat you!’

‘We would never betray our big and mighty brother Bhla!’

‘We swear to light up your path, always!’

‘Do we really need to bring these clowns with us?’ Clara whispered to me.

‘Well… they may be dumb and annoying, but believe me, at least they have better manners than mosquitoes!’ I said.

And so, all four of us flew out of the cave. I had no clue of what to do next.


(End of Part 2)