by Dark Bishop

(Moth-er fucker Part 4)

We were finally there. My three firefly companions and I had successfully infiltrated this wonderful mangrove cluster at the center of Lake Stink undetected, or so we thought. I learned that the fireflies called this place “Beacon City.” I thought it was a cool name, quite a step-up from the nameless moth field that I used to call home.

There seemed to be no danger in the form of patrols in here, but Clara remained hidden, clinging on to me. In theory, most of the Illuminati were still looking for her outside the lake, but she didn’t want to risk it. And boy I wasn’t complaining. Feeling her close to me was heartwarming. I was looking around at the luminous city and its inhabitants like an idiot when she suddenly whispered.

‘Remember, Flick and Glick, you’re taking your prisoner to the Red Light District. Nobody should think it strange. After all, that’s where fireflies take most of the light-less bugs captured around the lake.’

‘Well Clara, I’ve followed you all the way over here, but now think it’s enough of your s-‘ I began to say.

‘Are you stupid?! Don’t you ever call me by that name in here! My name is Gleamie, got it?’ she buzzed.

I tried not to laugh at that cute name, but somehow Flick and Glick seemed to be disgusted by it.

‘Okay then, “Gleamie.” No more secrets. Why would we find help at the Red Light District? Do you know someone down there?’ I asked.

But Clara didn’t reply. She kept quiet as we flew through the different areas of Beacon City. All around us, I could see fireflies minding their own daily lives. A group of them were glowing proudly, sitting on adorable flowers or branches; others were apparently carrying pollen, small leaves or petals. Their homes were dainty structures made of small leaves, slim tree branches and mud. Pretty lush living conditions in my opinion. I bitterly thought back to our manure fields and dark, old trees where so many moths lived in ignorance of this paradise.

However, as we kept moving towards the lower parts of the third mangrove, the neighborhood started to get a little rough. Fat male fireflies were loitering around rotten leaves and dirty mud, and there were tough looking customers everywhere. They even had regular flies living down there. I guess you just can’t get rid of them no matter where you go. Fortunately, I was really big compared to them; otherwise, I would’ve been scared. Like, really scared.

‘Gleamie, I sure as hell hope you know what you’re doing!’ I said.

Clara didn’t reply to this, but Flick and Glick couldn’t resist the urge to speak.

‘Don’t worry boss Bhla! The Illuminati champion Flick is escorting you!’

‘And don’t forget your night couldn’t be brighter when Glick illuminates your path!’ they said, one after the other, as if singing the most annoying song ever.

The cringe I experienced at these ridiculous remarks must have been evident, because Clara finally showed signs of compassion and started talking.

‘Bhla, have you noticed the disparity in our society? All these fireflies of the lower levels are being discriminated against the ones in the top, just because they can’t produce the same kind of light. They surely can’t be happy nor prosper in any way. And yet, somehow they accept their sad reality. Do you know why? Because they believe that superior, almost divine fireflies are guiding them. But what exactly makes a firefly royalty, or at least worthy of the Radiant Society?’ she asked.

‘The Divine Glow! Only royal or very special fireflies like our Commander Aurelius are born with that special light of power and wisdom!’ replied Flick and Glick at the same time.

They were pumped, singing and dancing behind us. Some shit about the sacred lights of the Radiant Society and the Illuminati’s loyalty and discipline.

Clara took this opportunity to whisper, so that only I could hear her.

‘And that is exactly what they want the lowly commoners to think.’

‘Meaning?’ I murmured back.

‘The Divine Glow is not something you are born with. Any firefly can acquire it! The secret lies inside the Radiant Society’s Sanctuary, but only elite class fireflies know about this,’ she explained.

‘Wait a second. If that’s true, why not just explain it to these two bozos and let them tell all their friends? Surely they would start a revolution on their own once they find out they are being deceived.’

‘It’s not that easy! First of all, they’d never believe me. Remember, they think I’m just a rogue lady born within Radiant Society, and therefore, I always possessed the so-called Divine Glow.’

‘If that’s not the case, where were you born and who are you, really? You don’t mean…? Oh!’

As I looked down to face Clara, I saw that she had tears of shame in her small eyes. Then it all started to make sense. I’d been so stupid! That’s why Clara didn’t want to talk about it!

‘It is true, Bhla. I was born at the Red Light District. That’s one of the reasons we must go there. Perhaps if I find those who knew who I really was, and let them see that now I possess this cursed Divine Glow and that may open their eyes to the truth. Now you know the real reason why Lucius wants me captured. It also explains why the Illuminati could tell me apart from other females earlier. My smell is not that of normal females, now that I’ve eaten from that stupid fruit.’

‘Fruit?! What do you…?’

At that instant, Flick and Glick caught up to us.

‘The Red Light District is right ahead!’ they announced.

We were at the entrance of a whole different area of the city, and well, red was right! It was astonishingly spacious too. This place was well worthy of being called a district. A mystical reddish light seemed to radiate from the roots in all directions, but I couldn’t see any particular firefly emitting it. Did it come from the tree itself? That couldn’t be right. The enormous mangrove roots were actually curving upwards, away from the lake, creating all kinds of small caves and windows.

I had never seen so many bugs flying around in my life. Plenty of them seemed to be gathering near the middle of the district, standing on leaves directly on top of the water. A lot more were flying around the small windows. Most of them were fireflies, but I could see other types of bugs, too. At the center of everything there was a huge, luminous stage where some bugs were dancing and singing. This place was awesome! The district emitted a lot more than red light; it was, in fact, exuding energy.

No doubt this was the craziest experience of my life. Inside the little windows, gorgeous females were displayed, as well as the occasional male. Most of them were young fireflies, but there was a little bit of everything. Some seemed to be enjoying themselves, trying to seduce potential customers. It appeared that there was nothing really holding them inside their windows, so I supposed they must have been there willingly. However, not all bugs inside the windows were so jolly. Around every corner, tough-looking male fireflies were flying around, keeping watch. These guards seemed to be working for the district, as they were all shining with low red and blue flashes, unlike the Illuminati I had seen at the lake’s entrance. Curious beauties kept looking our way as we passed them, plenty of them calling me names which were supposed to flatter my physique in one way or another. It was kind of odd, both uncomfortable and exciting at the same time. Had I been on my own, who knows what dumb things I would’ve done. Fortunately, I was being escorted on a mission, leaving little opportunity to embarrass myself.

I was so distracted by our surroundings that I didn’t notice Flick and Glick were taking us towards the top right corner of the district. We kept going until we passed nearby a group of exotic dancers, who were floating around beautiful flowers. Without any warning, Clara let go of my body and flew away, blending in with them.

‘H-hey! Gleamie! Where-?’ I said.

‘Let’s go Bhla! Don’t look back!’ Flick and Glick buzzed.

‘Where’s she going?!’ I demanded.

‘We don’t know, boss Bhla! But she’s asked us to take you to the window admin. Then we’ll leave you and go patrol outside the district!’

‘That’s bullshit! When did she tell you that?!’

‘Just now, she told Flick in light language, but I got her message first!’

‘Don’t lie. I decoded it way before you even could, Glick!’

Holy crap! Clara had mentioned it before, but it was only then that I really understood. The fireflies were able to communicate instantly with their flashes of light! No wonder they could organize themselves so easily and create a city like this. However, this meant that I had been left outside the loop again. What the fuck! I was about to complain to them but we were already at the top corner. A fat lady firefly was sitting there.

‘W-we have a new prisoner here! Found being lazy around the lake!’ said Flick and Glick.

‘Heaven lights! This one’s huge! Is he dangerous?’ said the fat lady, who looked at me with a glance of surprise and, to my horror, yearning lust.

‘No ma’am! He’s very tame! Ohoho!’ they replied.

‘Oh, what a darling! Put him on window number twenty, yes? I may even pay him a visit myself!’ she said.

Like hell you will, you fat bitch!’ I thought, but I decided to remain quiet and play along for the time being, guessing Clara needed a chance to find whoever she was looking for.

Window twenty was located in a section of the district where non-firefly bugs were being displayed. Some of them looked bored, while others were actively dancing and playing inside their windows. A few were actually doing some really weird shit that I prefer not to recall now. Did Clara really expect me to wait here, displayed as a sex object with these freaks and perverts?

Flick and Glick pushed me into the window. Before leaving, they talked to me in a fake authoritative tone that made me regret not leaving them stuck in that fucking spider web inside the cave last night.

‘Stay there and look pretty, big boy!’

‘And why the hell would I do that?!’ I buzzed.

‘Bzzzz! Chill luv’! Are you keen’n pissing off ze authorities?’ said a bug with a flashy voice behind me. The sound came from window twenty-one. There was a fine spider web separating that window from mine, but you could easily see through it.

‘Oh, no…’ I murmured, realizing it was a female mosquito that had just talked to me. I had had enough of mosquitoes at the beginning of my adventure, before meeting Clara.

‘You the rebellious type, aren’tcha? Tell you wha’ mate I like you! A moth, hey? Not many mothz in ‘ere! None so big like you!’

‘Yeah, so I heard. Listen sheila, I’m only here briefly so don’t give me no shit, all right? Now, where did those two idiots go?!’

‘Me name’s Zzinga! You can’t leav’ or they killz yo’ dead! Hahaha! I seen’it happ’n mate!’ the mosquito said.

“The fireflies, kill me? I’d like to see them try!’ I said, annoyed.

I made up my mind to wait for about five minutes before I got out and started raising hell looking for Clara. It was then that I turned to my right and I saw my other window neighbor. What a sight to behold that was! At first, I thought that it was a colorful butterfly. I always envied them for their beauty. But no, this one clearly had no butterfly antennae. It was a lively, gorgeous pink moth! I was speechless. The pink moth noted the dumb look on my face and began flying around and dancing in the sexiest way I’d ever seen. This moth was bigger than the fireflies but only about half my size, yet it had me completely mesmerized.

‘Oh, you ‘ave good eyes luv’! Now you zee, you hav’ good company! Hahaha! Very good indeed!’ Zzinga was laughing behind me, but I wasn’t paying attention to her anymore.

The pink moth kept dancing alluringly and I just couldn’t stop looking. I finally found the courage to speak.

‘H-hey there! You look like recently rotten strawberries!’ I said, trying to think of an adequate compliment.

The pink moth then blew me some kisses, making me feel light-headed. Maybe I could linger here a little longer, after all!

‘W-What’s your name, strawberry lady?’ I asked nervously.

The reply came to me in the most masculine voice I had ever heard.

‘Awww, strawberry and raspberry! You can be my blackberry! I’d cuddle you all day if I only I could leave my window, pink! You can call me Ghlorg! What’s your name, candy bug?’ he said, winking. It was a freaking male!

‘HELL NO!’ I yelled in horror, as the world seemed to vanish for an instant. When I came back to my senses, I had flattened my body against the far corner of my window, away from the pink moth.

Zzinga was laughing louder than ever and the pink son-of-a-bitch who’d just called himself “Ghlorg” was amused, but apparently concerned for me.

‘Are you ok, candy bug?! Ghlorg will make you feel better with a pink hug of love!’

I turned to Zzinga, looking for a way out.

‘What the actual fuck?!’

‘Naw mate, why would yo’ think Ghlorg was a girl? Just ‘cause ‘e is pink?’ she said, smiling.

‘Shut up!! Who ever heard of a pink moth before?! It threw me off!’

‘Aww candy bug! We pink moths have our own rose colored colony, not far from this lake! If only I could take you there I’d introduce you to my family! I feel you have a thing for me! Ohh, I’ll blush pink… pinker!’

‘Fuck off! The only thing I have for you is my right wing smashing your deceitful face if you ever touch me!’ I said.

‘Why is he is so shy, Zzinga? Ohh, he likes me already!’

‘That’s it! I’m outta here!’ I cried.

‘Hey, what the hell’s going on here?!’ said one of the tough looking guards, who was suddenly in front of our windows.

‘All iz good luv’ very good! Just ‘aving fun withz new moth here!’ said Zzinga to the guard.

‘Okay then, but shut up! The main show’s about to begin and we can’t have this ruckus take the spotlight, you hear?!’ saying this, he went away.

The main show? Those words made me realize that maybe that was what Clara was aiming for. Of course! If she showed off her Divine Glow stuff when the whole district was looking, at least someone would be bound to recognize her. I decided to breathe in and calm down for a second.

‘Zzinga, was it? Look, I’m sorry for the trouble. My name is Bhla. And Ghlorg, you stay the fuck away, ok? I… I have a girlfriend!’ I lied.

‘Oh, candy bug! Poor you won’t see her no more! Unless she also works at the district of course, pink!’

‘Eh… well, I wanted to ask you guys about that. Are you here against your own will? You don’t seem to be particularly scared,’ I said.

‘Itz not zat bad for us non-fireflies! I mean, we can’t really mate withz them yo’ know? An’ we get at least a place to live an’ we get to watch ze shows!’ replied Zzinga.

‘Yes, pink! When we have customers usually they just want a massage or to contemplate my elegant dancing. Still, I miss my rose colony!’ said Ghlorg.

‘Well I ain’t giving no massages to some stupid firefly, that’s for damn sure! Listen, something big is about to go down. I’m here helping someone who will change this place forever! You will be able to leave then,’ I said.

‘Are you serious, candy bug? But how can we escape, pink?’

‘Stop with the “candy bug” shit! Besides, aren’t you quite big compared to them too? Why haven’t you just flown away? There’s nothing stopping you from leaving these windows!’

‘Nooo, mate! Size won’t matter much! If try to escape, they kill yo’ in seconds! Fireflies hav’instant communicazion among them so they gang up on yo’ arse before yo’ can go far!’ said Zzinga in a warning tone.

‘Look, I don’t wanna boast or anything but I’ve faced some fireflies before and they didn’t seem too threatening, at least not to me,’ I said.

‘I know fireflies are small, but don’t underestimate them, sweetie! Some females in particular are very dangerous, pink! They call them femme fatales, because they eat other fireflies! Most of the professional girls here at the district are actually femme fatales, and won’t hesitate to kill any troublemakers.’

‘Yah, but maybe zey wouldn’t touch us! Zey like Ghlorg and me! Mayb’ cuz we don’t fuck with zem! Lizerally, if yo’ know what I mean! Hahaha!’

‘Well, they’re also great fans of my rosy dance of love! I think of them as my precious little sisters, pink!’

While a female bug being dangerous was not precisely a new concept to me, I realized something. Clara must have surely thought about how powerful allies these femme fatales could be! But then, what was my role in all of this? Suddenly I felt so vulnerable, being on a display window like this. I couldn’t help but think that this was probably the kind of life Clara would’ve gotten had her mother not done whatever she did. Screw those elitist bastards of the Radiant Society! I became more determined than ever to help Clara fight them with all my strength.

I wouldn’t have to wait for long it seemed. At that moment, the lights on the whole district seemed to dim, except around the main stage. All the bugs outside the windows turned and flew towards the platform, which was a particularly large tree stump. I could see a group of female fireflies starting to fly around in elegant patterns over it, as they started to glow in sequence. It was a marvelous spectacle to behold! Music began playing loudly, engulfing the whole district. I was sure that Clara was dancing among them, but they were so many that it was hard to tell. Didn’t she say she had a special glow? They all looked the same to me, at least from this distance. Then again, maybe she could control it and was just biding her time. I decided to just lay back and enjoy the show.

Just as I was beginning to relax, the firefly on top of the group started shining in a different pattern, and the music stopped. All the fireflies were looking at her and they began to whisper among them.

‘What is that dancer doing? Is she crazy?!’ said a random firefly.

‘Isn’t that Gleamie, the daughter of Twinkle?!’ replied another one.

‘But that’s impossible! They both disappeared, and the authorities said they were dead! Twinkle was actually found burned to a crisp outside the district!’ said one of the dancers.

‘Is that really her?! What is she trying to say, all of a sudden?’

They firefly crowd were all paying attention to whatever Clara was saying in their light language. The plan was working! But just as I thought everything would be ok, a fearsome and impossibly loud buzz came from the top of the roots. I turned to see a really large firefly heading slowly towards the stage. Around him, several fireflies were flying in a threatening formation. They were all flashing in yellow and golden light patterns.

‘So that’s where you were, Lady Clara!! Come with us now, Prince Lucius is looking for you!’ he exclaimed, as the whole district turned to him.

Fuck!, I thought. Those were surely Illuminati. We had been discovered! Those numbskulls, Flick and Glick! Had they betrayed us? But just as I finished that thought, I saw they were in fact being held prisoners by the fireflies in this group. They seemed to be all bruised up and defeated.

‘We’re sorry Lady Clara! They knew all along! You must run!’ they cried.

 ‘Oh, grapefruits! That golden firefly has to be the Illuminati Commander, Aurelius the Sun! I never saw him down here before, pink!’ said Ghlorg.

‘He izz! Zomething ‘uge must’ve ‘appened, I’m sure!’ cried Zzinga.

‘Shit, is he the commander? He’s really big for a firefly, huh? Still, he’s nowhere near my size,’ I said proudly.

The fireflies around the main stage started talking once again.

‘Oh, so that’s not Gleamie then? But she looks just like her!’ They said, confused.

‘Dixie, Shimmie, Rubie! Don’t listen to him! It’s really me, girls! Lucius and his kind have been lying to all of you! Look at me now!’ yelled Clara.

‘That’s enough!!!’ buzzed the Illuminati Commander, and then the impossible occurred. His golden light became so fiercely strong that it appeared as if the sky suddenly went from night to noon in a second.

‘Wow, that’s the Sun of the Illuminati all right!’ said a firefly from the crowd.

‘Commander Aurelius! You’re so incredible!’ yelled another one.

‘What the hell?! How is that even possible?! That… that’s not normal!’ I said, baffled.

Not only was so much light unnaturally scary, the worst part was that nobody was looking at Clara anymore. They couldn’t help but notice the impressive golden sun’s light. I knew then what I had to do.

‘Glowing freak or not, I’ll kick his stupid ass! For Clara!’ I said as I easily pushed my way out of the window and flew towards him. Whatever window security system the guards had in place at the district, it was obviously being affected by the presence and radiance of the Sun Commander.

‘Candy bug! Wait, pink!!’ yelled Ghlorg.

‘I’ll smack your arrogant face outta the sky!’ I buzzed to the commander as I flew as fast as I could in his direction.

At this, several Illuminati started shining one of their codes, but I couldn’t be bothered. I flew past several of them, smacking them silly in all directions. Wing attack, moth swirl, and heavy tackle! I felt invincible, and I was even having fun kicking so much ass. District guards also tried to get in my way with the same results. Them weaklings were not an obstacle to my speed and determination. As I almost got to the commander, I could hear Clara’s voice from below cry out to me.

‘Bhla, don’t do it!!!’

‘Aah! So that’s where the black knight was hiding! Come now and prove your worth, you light-less fool!’

‘You’ll think twice before messing with Clara again!!’ I said as I prepared my best right hook to smash him. His golden light was so powerful that I became almost blind, but I kept going. As my right wing connected straight onto him, I immediately felt searing pain coursing through my body.

‘Looks like you flew too close to the sun, you idiot! I’m the scorching star!!’ the commander yelled to me, as his light suddenly turned red hot. Before I knew what was happening, I was engulfed in flames.

‘Bhla!!’ wailed Clara.

I screamed in agony as I burned and started falling down towards the large tree stump stage.

‘Well, that’s that!’ laughed Aurelius. ‘What a waste of time! Now, bring her to me!’

‘Bhla!! Oh please, no!!’ cried Clara.

‘That’s our Commander Aurelius for you!! Now we have nothing to fear!’ cheered the Illuminati, who prepared to attack and finish their mission.


I would’ve surely died that night, had it not been for Clara’s miracle. I could feel her nearby, crying and calling my name. At least I would die being a hero to her, so I had no regrets. It hadn’t been a bad life for a simple moth like me. As some of the fireflies were celebrating my defeat, others were praising the Sun Commander’s might. The rest of them were just horrified, watching me burn to death. Just as I began to fade away, the wonder occurred. Overwhelmed with her own grief and anger, Clara’s true light awoke. Those that witnessed her beaming aura described it simply as a holy white. Her cool light engulfed us in an instant, extinguishing the flames on my body, and mending my burns. I started to feel the despair vanish and my strength returning.

‘Wait, how can Gleamie do that?!’ said the fireflies around us.

‘That can’t be! Gleamie was born here at the district!’

‘But didn’t Commander Aurelius say that she was some lady called Clara…? Holy sparks, she does look like Gleamie though!’

‘An enlightenment?! That’s impossible! Stop her you idiots!!’ said Aurelius to his underlings.

A large group of Illuminati came flying right at us, ready to attack Clara, but I couldn’t move yet. To be perfectly honest, I thought I was imagining the whole thing at the time. They were almost on top of us when I saw what seemed like a rose-colored bullet knock them out of the way.

‘You won’t disturb candy bug and his girl, pink!’

‘Com‘ere boyzzz! I’m raging for zzome blood, or the next best zing!’

Ghlorg, Zzinga and other non-firefly bugs had joined our side and were trying to keep the Illuminati away. A bunch of regular flies swarmed creating a barrier to protect us, bees and wasps pointed their sharp stingers to the enemies and a skinny dragonfly threatened the smaller fireflies with its strong jaws. I suddenly snapped out of my dreamy state and could speak.

‘Ghlorg, Zzinga…! Well done, guys!! Clara, I don’t know what the hell’s going on, but I feel better now! You’re amazing!’

‘Oh Bhla, I was so worried! Thank the heaven lights for this!’

‘Attack, kill them all!! I don’t care what Lucius says anymore! I will fry them all here and now!!’ Aurelius was furious, ordering all of his Illuminati soldiers.

The battle of the Red Light District had begun. Thanks to Clara’s bright radiance, some of the Illuminati were confused, seemingly doubting their own commander’s words, which weakened them considerably. But too many others swarmed against our small group. They were all soon entangled in a skirmish – buzzing, biting, flapping and tackling the enemies. However, there were a lot more Illuminati than allies, and our friends would soon be overwhelmed. I was eager to join them, but Aurelius didn’t take his gaze off Clara, clearly aiming to stop her or me from escaping while the battle raged on. He was evidently way smarter than any other of his kind. What the fuck was I supposed to do now?

‘Bhla, what should we do?!’ asked Clara.

‘How should I know!! You never told me there was a freaking fire firefly! How is that even fair? We… we need more help!’

At those words, as if on cue, hundreds of fireflies came out of the mangrove roots’ windows and started attacking the Illuminati with vicious bites that killed them instantly.

‘The femme fatales?! So they finally believe me!’ exclaimed Clara with a hopeful buzz.

‘Gleamie! We’re with you now, sister!!’ Let’s kill these bastards and go see what that boy Lucius has to say about this!’ said some of the deadly fireflies.

Now the odds really seemed to be in our favor! The femme fatales were decimating the Illuminati forces. Ghlorg and friends also seemed to be holding their own, but there was just one glaringly obvious problem.

‘Hey Clara! Do you think them femme fatales could take care of-’ I began to ask, but then I saw Aurelius burned at least eight of them easily with a single red flash of pure hell. ‘Never mind! Hey guys!! Time to get the fuck out of here!!’

‘Boss Bhla!! Lady Clara! Flick has a brilliant idea!’ said an Illuminatus that suddenly came to me. I almost smacked him hard in my surprise.

‘Flick! What the ass?!’ I said.

‘No, it’s Glick!’

‘Who cares?! What’s the idea?!’

‘Use the lake, Bhla!’

‘Holy shit! That’s genius! Hey Clara! It’s you who he’s really after! Bring him close to the lake’s surface!!’ I said.

‘Be careful Bhla! I… I don’t know if I can heal you again!’

‘We’ll have to trust in the power of your love! Get ready!’

Clara darted away towards the lake, far from the zone where the battle was still going on. As expected, Aurelius saw her and chased after her.

‘Ghlorg! Come with me! We need all of our moth power for this to work!’

‘Candy bug! I’m tickled pink you thought of me! Let’s kiss afterwards!’

‘How about no?! Just cover me, and call your femme fatale fans when I give the signal!’

Aurelius was facing Clara, glowing with his formidable golden light. However, he wasn’t close enough to the lake’s surface just yet.

Come on, Clara! You have to distract him!’ I thought anxiously.

‘It’s over, Aurelius. All of your subordinates have been defeated or fled from the district. Lucius will have no choice but to yield the divine fruits to the rest of us! How could he hoard them all for himself and his loathsome Radiant Society? They’re a gift of nature to the fireflies!’ said Clara in anger.

‘Of nature you say? You pathetic, ignorant girl! Those fruits are nothing but a source of power, granted to us by the humans! As if they were intended for all fireflies! Only those with the ambition and courage to use them are worthy!’

‘The humans? You’re lying! They’ve caused nothing but grief to our kind, everybody knows that!’ Clara was evidently shocked by Aurelius’ revelations.

‘Just look at the lake!’ he said, as he descended closer to the surface. ‘Its waters were not always like this! But a fool like you wouldn’t know that!’

‘Even if what you say is true, he had no right to-!’

‘Think what you will, you bitch! You’re dead anyway! It’s a real shame, since enlightened fireflies like you are extremely rare! Burn, just like your mother did! Scorching-!’

‘Here comes your eclipse, you fucker!’ I said as I dove with all my weight and speed on the commander, successfully pushing him into the lake.

His body was searing to the touch, but since we were in the water, I didn’t catch on fire this time. The second my head was out of the lake, I yelled.

‘Ghlorg!! Now! Call your sisters!’

‘Let’s go, girls!! Attack, pink!’

The brave femme fatales flew into the water, biting and tearing at the Illuminati Commander. After long, agonizing seconds of bubbling confusion and terror, it was all over. Ghlorg came flying to my aid and pulled me from the water, other fireflies lending a hand as well.

‘We- we’ve… we won!!’ I managed to say.

‘Oh Bhla! We sure did! You were awesome!’ said Clara, hugging me.

I was the happiest I had ever been, even though my whole body was hurting from the intense heat I had just endured. Every one of our recently found allies was cheering and chanting our names.

‘Clara, we… We must end this!’ I said.

‘I know. Everybody! We fly to the Radiant Society! Nothing can stop us now! We find Lucius and free Beacon City once and for all!’ said Clara with a brave and loud buzz.


(End of Part 4 – To be concluded in Part 5!)