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Washington, D.C., April 1, 2018–In celebration of National Donate Life Month, the Jonathan Swift Foundation (JSF), in partnership with the Division of Transplants, announces the unveiling of its groundbreaking organ donation program. Participants that sign up to be organ donors can now elect to include their muscles in the donation process.

In the past, organ donors were limited to what they could donate.  Vital organs, tissue, bone marrow, and stem cells are the extent of what can be harvested.  One large system left off the donation list was the muscular system. The JSF will be stepping in to address this oversight with their new innovative donation program.

As of press time, there is not currently a way to transplant muscles, but that does not mean that these vital tissues should go to waste.  Starting this April, donors who donate their muscles to the JSF will see their generosity go on to help so many others.

Upon death, Jonathan Swift Foundation Muscle Donor’s (JSFMDs) muscles will be harvested and immediately sent to the JSF Main Office in Washington D.C. for inspection.  The donated muscles will go through rigorous testing for safety on par with the USDA.  Musculature that is deemed safe for consumption will be broken down, packaged, and stored.

Once there is sufficient stock, the JSF will open an online store.  Customers will then be able to shop the extensive catalog and have it shipped next day air to anywhere in the lower 48.

All profits from the sales will fund organ donation research efforts.  This money will provide a much needed monetary injection into the field during such hard economic times.

Learn more about this groundbreaking project and how you can participate at

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